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Prime Studio™ is a Product + Brand design consultancy based in the heart of New York City.

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Big enough to know how.
Small enough to care why.

We’re a small team with big ideas. Our insights and thinking have been trusted since 1998 by some of the best companies and most talked-about brands. Working together in small diverse teams allows us to sweat the details and design with the bigger picture in mind.

We love what we do. We value our clients. We embrace a good challenge.

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Our Approach

No two projects are the same, so we steer clear of a cookie-cutter design process. Instead, we listen and do our homework, analyzing each problem to tailor a plan that fits different client needs, budgets and timelines. We’re there at the table and on the ground from initial concept to production — and beyond.

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We get up to speed quickly to understand the brand, business, and consumers.

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We start broadly, generating concepts and pushing the boundaries before honing in.

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We experiment, test and iterate: solving problems through physical models.

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We fine-tune and consider the manufacturability of all elements of the design.

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Working with Startups

As your design partners, we understand what it takes to transform ideas into products and products into businesses. For years, we’ve helped launch diverse projects, taking the time to guide our clients through the process even after the design has been finalized.

For startups, we understand that many challenges exist both during and after the design phase so we have a large network of experts we can call upon. From creating initial pitch decks and working with VC fundraisers, to connecting with IP advisors and liaising with prototyping resources, we happily wear many hats. We also help find and vet manufacturing partners and resources. And our digital partners can help craft your online message and customer acquisition strategies.

Your excitement fuels us. When we believe in a project’s vision, we put our money where our mouth is and invest directly.

Startups we've worked with

Designers working at Prime Studio, New York City

How we define Success

We’re in the business of design. We design for the real world, with real people in mind and the brand at the center. For us, success is seeing our clients’ products on the shelves and in the hands of users. Our aim is to design the best product for your business, not just for our portfolio.

But don't just take our word for it - see what some of our clients have to say about their experience working with Prime Studio on Clutch.

"Prime Studio have been really strong partners and advisors to us, and we trust their experience and guidance..... I’ve never worked with designers who are as strong and clear in their communication..... They have great ability to keep both consumer understanding and operational understanding in mind with their designs. They don’t just consider how the user might interact with the packaging, but how the manufacturer will as well."

Director of Product, Care/of

"We were assigned a project lead / designer, but the head of Prime, Stuart, was super involved as well, and was at just about every meeting we had with them. We really felt like the whole of Prime Studio touched our project at one point or another.... We felt the entire time like we were working with people who really, truly knew what they were doing, and so were much more open to following their lead on certain things. There is tremendous talent at Prime Studio."

CEO, Stryx

“Without them, I don’t think that we would have a functioning product in the marketplace.... We were featured in publications such as Forbes and Business Insider, which focused on the beauty and functionality of the product. That's a direct result of Prime Studio's work. We won awards from Men’s Health too......Unlike other design studios, they feel like a partner rather than a contractor. That’s evidenced not only in their communication but also in their involvement and interest in the success of our company. Prime Studio helped in ways that extended beyond the confines of our agreement."

Co-Founder, Helmm